4 Signs You Should Seek Professional Treatment for Your Troubled Child

Parents are always taught that their children are their responsibility. So, when there is an issue with a child’s behavior, parents immediately try to rectify the situation. However, this option is not always the best solution. There are instances when the parent’s abilities alone are not enough to support the needs of the child. Here are four signs that a professional treatment program is a better solution. Declined Respect Respect is an important element in behavior.

Thinking Positively About A Lack Of Sex: What A Sex-Positive Therapist Might Say

Despite television and advertising telling you that you should be having sex all the time, what is a reasonable amount of sexual activity for a healthy adult? That really depends on the adult, and it depends on available and willing partners. In the current culture of sexual assault cases going public, a lot more men and a few women are less likely to try to pursue mates if they are worried about being labeled as a sexual assailant later.