Why You Should Seek Help When Suffering From Depression

17.3 million American adults suffer from major depressive disorder, but this number does not include all the untreated cases of depression. Some people might not suffer from extreme depression, but any level of depression can have negative effects on a person's life, body, and mental state. If you feel depressed, you might want to consider seeking help. Here are several things to understand about untreated depression and therapy for treating it.

Signs of Depression

Some people do not seek help for their depression because they do not realize that it is a major issue that requires treatment. If you are unsure whether you have depression, check out the following signs:

  • You feel sad most of the time but do not even know why you feel this way.
  • You feel hopeless in life and often feel like you are in despair.
  • You have trouble sleeping at night because your mind is racing.
  • You cry often or feel highly irritable.
  • You want to isolate yourself and avoid people and relationships.

If you can relate to any of these signs, you might have depression. If you do, failing to treat it can lead to further issues.

Risks of Untreated Depression

You can find counselors in all areas that offer depression therapy, but you will need to take the first step by calling a clinic to schedule an appointment. If you do not seek help, you take on many risks.

The first risk is health problems. People suffering from untreated depression tend to have more health issues. They might have more colds and flu due to a weakened immune system. They also have increased risks of heart problems, mainly because untreated depression places extra stress on the heart.

Next, you have increased risks of mental and emotional problems from failing to seek help for your depression. If you ignore the way you feel, you might reach a point where you no longer even leave your house. You might isolate yourself and feel even worse because you have no one around you.

Benefits of Depression Therapy

Rather than ignoring your problems, why not seek help? Counseling centers offer depression therapy for people of all ages. Through therapy, you can talk about your feelings. You can find out why you feel the way you do, and you can learn how to change the way you feel. Seeking help is the smart way to handle depression, and you can learn more by contacting a counseling center in your city.