3 Things To Do The Month After Rehab

Going to rehab for your substance abuse addiction is one of the most positive steps you can take towards living a full and healthy life. When you are in your rehab facility, you have constant support, so many people find transitioning back to regular life very challenging. In order to protect yourself and your sobriety, it's important to be proactive. Here are three of the best things to do the month after rehab:

Sign Up for Outpatient Treatment

Just because you're ready to leave rehab, doesn't mean you no longer need support. Outpatient substance abuse treatment is a happy medium. You will be living independently, but also able to attend support group meetings, see doctors who specialize in substance abuse, and receive counseling on an outpatient basis. Your rehab facility may offer this service, but if not they are likely in the know about outpatient treatment facilities in your area that accept your insurance. In most cases, outpatient treatment is intensive at first, but can be tapered off over time.

Create a Support System

An important way to avoid falling into unhealthy old habits is to create a healthy and stable support system outside of rehab. This may consist of anyone in your life who is a healthy, positive presence and who does not abuse substances. Your support system may consist of a sponsor, a therapist, and especially supportive friends and family.

These should all be people who know what you are going through and you can feel comfortable calling if you experience difficult challenges with your sobriety. Attempting to navigate this time alone will leave you vulnerable and lonely at a time when you really need support.

Implement Healthy Habits

Chances are, your rehab facility helped you develop a few healthy new habits to help replace your unhealthy old habits. It's important to plan specific and consistent ways to implement these new habits in your life outside of rehab. This may mean signing up for a gym membership, scheduling morning jogs with a friend, doing deep breathing exercises before bed or when you feel anxious, or taking a painting class. Look at healthy habits as positive additions to your life that will help you create a life that feels good instead of one you're ashamed of.

The month after rehab is an especially vulnerable time, but following these tips will help ensure a healthy and safe transition back to regular life.