Are You Going Through A Rough Spot In Your Marriage?

Lately, have you looked at the framed wedding picture that shows you and your spouse wearing happy smiles? Maybe when you look at that picture it just makes you sad at how things used to be and at how things have changed since your wedding day. Perhaps things have changed in a way that has made both of you consider splitting up and starting life without each other. From sitting down together to have frank discussions to making arrangements for marriage counseling, here are some ideas that might help you get through a rough spot you are having in your marriage.

A Frank Discussion: Consider being the instigator in sitting down with your spouse to talk seriously about what you want to do about your marriage. It might be helpful for you to remind your spouse of the love that you once felt for each other. If that love existed at one time, don't you think that it is more than likely still present, even though neither of you acts in a way that shows that love? Think of being frank with each other during your discussion, even though it may be difficult for you and your spouse to express your emotions. Think of telling your spouse the things you miss and ask him or her to tell you what you can do to make things better. The solution might be as simple as eliminating too many outside distractors or of setting up a weekly date night away from the kids.

Seek Marriage Counseling: If doing things like eliminating too many outside activities that distract you from having a successful marriage doesn't help, and if having regular dates together hasn't gotten you through the rough spot in your marriage, consider seeking marriage counseling. Your family practice doctor or the ecclesiastical leader of your church will more than likely be happy to give you the names of professionals who specialize in marriage counseling. If your spouse isn't willing to attend marriage counseling with you, consider going by yourself. The counselor will probably give you excellent ideas that will help you to do your part in making things better. When your spouse sees how hard you are trying, he or she might decide to join you for continuing sessions. Remember that the marriage counselor has the training and the experience to help you detect problems you might not have even realized were there.