Understanding The Three Main Types Of Intuitive Counseling

Intuitive counseling is an alternative form of counseling that can often help with personal, interpersonal, emotional, mental, and physical problems you may have. However, there are several types and branches of intuitive counseling. It is best to understand the basics of each type of counseling in order to find a counselor that can help you and a style of counseling that you feel comfortable with. Below are the three main types of intuitive counseling. 

Counseling to Unlock Your Intuition 

The first type of intuitive counseling focuses on unlocking your own intuition. It is based on the concept that during early developmental years, most people are taught to ignore their intuition, leading to frustration and negative decisions later in life. It involves exercises to help you learn to trust yourself and to figure out how you may have lost your intuition in the past or how you are currently silencing it. 

Often, this type of counseling relies on the second two types of counseling to achieve results. However, it may also be more comfortable for people who are inexperienced in spiritual or psychic matters because counseling sessions may feel more traditional, utilizing talk therapy and dream therapy. 

Counseling Based On Your Counselor's Intuitive Reading of You 

Intuitive readings involve an intuitive counselor reading and interpreting your energy for you. In some ways, it may be similar to a psychic reading. However, intuitive readers do not claim to tell the future and rarely communicate with other spirits. Instead, they focus on the way you present yourself and help you determine what changes you need to make in your attitude, beliefs, or actions in order to achieve the life you want. 

An intuitive reading does not necessarily focus on unlocking your intuition but instead relies on the intuition of your counselor to help you make decisions about your life. Again, this can be done with several methods including talk therapy, dream therapy, or archetypal therapy. 

Counseling Using Intuitive Archetypes 

Intuitive archetypes are symbols that are often repeated throughout the world and are understood to have universal meanings. Dream interpretation consists of defining archetypes, and tarot is one of the most common methods of exploring intuitive archetypes. However, instead of just receiving a tarot reading, you would likely be asked to meditate on various archetypes each week to better understand how they resonate with your current life. This is meant to give you a better understanding of your life and motivations. 

Intuitive counseling varies greatly depending on which counselor you choose and which type of counseling you pursue. If you are interested in intuitive counseling, you should talk to a certified counselor in your area, such as those at Living Intuitive Counseling, to create a personalized plan.