Risks Of Failing To Address Issues With Sex In Marriage

If you and your spouse are having issues relating to sex, it is likely that each of you has a very different sexual drive. One in three couples have mismatched drives, and this can lead to a variety of problems in a marriage. If you and your spouse are struggling with this, you should seriously consider getting help. Failing to fix this problem opens up risks, and here are two risks you should be aware of.

Resentment towards the other spouse

Sexual intimacy is an important part of marriage, and having sex is a normal desire humans are born with. If your spouse has a lower sex drive than you, he or she may not be putting any emphasis on this part of your marriage. If this is the case, you probably feel a lot of resentment towards him or her, especially if you have talked with your spouse about this need.

Resentment is an ugly thing that can grow to be something very problematic. If you feel resentful towards your spouse, it probably shows in the way you treat your spouse. When your spouse feels like all you do is complain, critique, and nag, it will often have the opposite effect that you think it should. In other words, your resentment-fueled actions will not encourage your spouse to have sex with you more often.

In fact, this cycle will probably cause you and your spouse to argue and fight more frequently. You may begin fighting about subjects that you never used to fight about, and eventually you may fight about everything.

Infidelity in your relationship

The second big risk you take is an invitation for infidelity in your marriage. While it is never right for a spouse to cheat, infidelity is much more likely to occur if a couple is not having sex regularly. If you constantly ask for it and get rejected, your need for sex will not just disappear. It will still be there, but you may no longer want to ask your spouse for it. This can place a person in a vulnerable position, and it can lead to infidelity.

Working out issues related to differences in sex drives is probably a lot easier than trying to mend a relationship after an affair.

If sex is a big issue in your marriage, you may want to consider getting help from a marriage counselor, such as Malan Relationship Health. There are counselors that specialize in sex therapy, and this could help you turn this important aspect of your marriage around.