Holding An Intervention To Help An Addicted Drug User

If you have a family member who is struggling with a drug addiction, and you cannot foresee them reaching out for help for their problem on their own, you may wonder if there is anything you can do to help them. While you cannot force an addict to stop using drugs, you can hold an intervention in an attempt to make them realize people care enough about them to want them to stop their addictive habit. Here are the steps you need to take to hold an intervention.

Call Others Who Care

Give a call to friends and other family members of the addict to see if they would be interested in being present when you hold the intervention. Contact those your loved one respects. If the addict holds value in the words of respected people, they may genuinely listen to what they say at the intervention session. Do not call friends of the addict who you suspect are involved in drug usage themselves. The addict needs to wean themselves from these people completely. 

Set A Time And Place

When you find out who wants to attend, you will need to set a time and place to hold the event. It may be hard to coordinate with everyone, so setting up a private event page via social media or a group email may be best. This way, everyone can discuss their availability, helping you to pinpoint a time to hold the intervention. Call a drug recovery center and ask that one of their counselors attend the intervention session. They will be there to mediate and to bring the addict to the center if they agree to getting help.

The place you select should be one where the addict will feel comfortable. If they are in an unfamiliar setting, they may feel vulnerable when everyone starts speaking to them about their problem. This may cause them to run out of the area without listening to the words people have to say. Being in a setting where there is an easy exit may make them feel better as they know they can leave at any time they wish.

Discuss Options

After the addict arrives, have them listen to each person speak about why they believe help in the addiction is needed. Each person's speech should be direct and heartfelt. As the addict takes in the information, they may become upset. Make sure they know they aren't there to be criticized, but to be given the choice to get help from a drug rehab center. In a drug rehab center, the addict will first be weaned off the drug completely. They will be involved in educational classes, individual and group counseling, and peer activities. As time passes, they may be able to have visitors depending on the facility. If you're looking for a recovery center, visit Olalla Recovery Centers.