Work It Out: Four Tips For Getting The Most Out Of Marriage Counseling

If you are having trouble with your marriage, it can be hard to discuss even the most minor issues calmly. In order for you to comfortably get through some of the problems that may be hurting your marriage, it may be time for you to schedule a visit to a marriage counselor. By speaking to a counselor with your spouse, you should be able to discuss things in a calm and clear manner so that you can work out any issues you are having.

Find a Counselor You Are Both Comfortable With

The number of counselors available to you and your spouse means that you should be patient and look into what each one offers. Whether you find a counselor through your church, a trusted friend, or through a licensed marriage counselor, you will want to look into finding one that you both will enjoy seeing. Considering the age and gender of the counselor is a good start, along with arranging an initial meeting to get to know each other.

Share the Time Appropriately

Once you arrive at the counseling sessions, you will want to make sure that you do not rush into talking. You will need to work out a style of sessions that will allow both you and your spouse to speak equally.

Get Comfortable with Sharing Your Opinions

It can be hard to discuss personal opinions in front of a stranger, but it is vital in order for the counseling sessions to be successful. Starting with small bits of information and working up to being more open with the counselor should help you and your spouse get the best results.

Finish the Counseling Sessions with a Short Date

The sessions can quickly feel like a chore if it brings up a lot of bad emotions and you are not comfortable with speaking the counselor right away. A good way to ease the stress and work involved with counseling is following up each session with a date.

Short trips to an ice cream store, coffee shop, or even walking around a park can help you and your spouse feel more comfortable and give you an opportunity to practice the new skill you gain from the sessions.

With an estimated 40%-50% of marriages ending in divorce, it is likely that you and your spouse will hit a rough patch at some point. Visiting a marriage counselor (like those at Albano Fischetti Counseling) and keeping the above tips in mind should help guide you towards getting the tools and communication skills to have a happy and healthy marriage.