Helping Your Kids Get Through The Trauma Of Divorce

Divorce is a difficult time for everyone in the family. But the reality is every year more than 1 million children in this country must deal with their parents divorcing. No matter what the reasons for the breakdown of your marriage, it's important to continue to put the best interests and well being of your children first. Professional counseling for you and your children can help limit the negative effects divorce might have on them.

Marriage Counseling After the Divorce

Although marriage counseling doesn't always succeed at saving a marriage, it may lessen the hostility between you and your former spouse. Marriage counseling can help the two of you communicate better and remain on friendly terms, allowing you to continue to cooperatively parent your children together. The less conflict between you, the less stressful your children will find the situation.

A key purpose of marriage counseling after divorce is for you and your ex-spouse to work toward alleviating the tensions between you. Seeking help throughout the divorce process and afterward can help your children cope with and adjust to the changes in all your lives. It's important for you and your spouse to develop a positive relationship after the divorce so that your children can move forward and have loving relationships with both of you.

Post-Divorce Therapy for Kids

Like adults, children can suffer emotions of anger, guilt, and anxiety following divorce. Divorce changes family life in a huge way. Finances become tougher for some; both parents are no longer there all the time; and sometimes even where a child lives changes. All these adjustments create stress.

To make matters worse, children often feel caught in the middle of their parents' conflicts. They may even think the divorce is their fault. As a result, kids sometimes have trouble sleeping or withdraw from their friends. Some children experience extreme feelings of sadness when their parents split up. Others begin to act out or demonstrate behavior problems at school and at home.

Counseling provides a source of support by encouraging children to talk about their feelings. Counselors and therapists act as guides in helping kids adjust to the changes in their lives. It may take time, but providing your children with additional supportive relationships can help them develop resilience and accept the new family structure.

You and your ex can help by minimizing the number of disruptions in your children's lives. Let them know how much each of you still loves them. Keep in mind that despite the divorce, your kids need to maintain regular contact with both of you to feel secure and comfortable with the changed circumstances divorce has brought to their lives.

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